SEAM Spatial is a full-service surveying consultancy. With our headquarters in Brisbane – and offices across Australia and New Zealand. We provide safe, accurate spatial solutions for every situation – whether from the air, surface, underground, underwater or in hazardous and confined spaces.

Mining and Resources | Seam Spatial

Mining & resources

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Construction & infrastructure

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Land development

Land Development | Seam Spatial

Energy & renewables

Mining and Resources | Seam Spatial

Mining & resources

Construction and Infrastructure | Seam Spatial

Construction & infrastructure

Land Development | Seam Spatial

Land development

Land Development | Seam Spatial

Energy & renewables





Leveraging the latest tested and proven tech is important, but SEAM doesn’t employ innovation for the sake of it.

Our team always asks, “Does this solution reduce business risk, improve surveying efficiency and increase data accuracy?”

That’s the benefit of choosing an outcome-driven partner.

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We understand that expertise and professionalism are not the same – and not all surveying partners have both.

You expect your surveyor to have technical skills, but ask yourself, “Are they genuine? Do they follow up and are they reliable?”

That’s why we put relationship-building and loyalty first.

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SEAM began as a surveying company in Brisbane in 2010 – with the merger of two small individual companies to form Seam Surveys, with the goal to challenge the status quo. With our founders’ vast experience (specifically in mine surveying), we knew what the industry needed: Fantastic service, extensive site knowledge and a talented team paired with top technology.

Since then, we’ve sustainably grown across the country to service multiple industries. In 2019, SEAM merged with Airmap3D to increase our presence in the UAV surveying space.

Following a rebrand to Seam Spatial in 2023, the company completed another merger with Survey and Drafting Resources (SDR) and LW Surveys Australia (LWSA) later in the year. This has strengthened our cadastral, mining and civil construction capability and expanded our reach in the Hunter Valley, NSW and Queensland.

Our goal is for us to be an extension of our clients’ teams, integrating seamlessly and foreseeing problems before they arise.


Our economy is transitioning towards renewables and developing advanced infrastructure at an incredible rate. The miners, engineers and builders responsible for these complex projects rely on accurate data – and they need it yesterday.

By anticipating what comes next, our surveying and spatial solutions are supporting Australia and New Zealand’s leading companies to build a better future for all of us.

“I used to work for companies who didn’t value their surveyors and clients enough. Surveyors work remotely and need lots of support to provide excellent customer service. They need training and the latest equipment.

When our surveyors feel valued, our clients have a true partner on-site who can deliver what they need. Our ethos is simple. Empower our team to be the best, so they can do their best for our clients.”

– Mick Harris, Managing Director

SEAM Spatial Team


Put safety first – beyond the industry standard

Over-deliver and anticipate solutions to problems

Stay ahead of the curve and constantly innovate

Follow up, communicate and be reliable

Be genuine – fit in on-site with a “no BS” attitude

Acknowledge mistakes and learn from them





Survey managers


Survey coordinators


Seam Spatial | Mick Harris

Mick Harris

Managing Director

A registered mining and engineering surveyor with over 30 years of experience, Mick has held senior roles at several major mining and construction companies.

Deeply committed to the profession as a past President, he remains heavily involved with the Australian Institute of Mine Surveyors and is an Assessor for the Surveyors Board of Queensland.

Seam Spatial | Duncan Macdougal

Duncan MacDougal

Chief Operating Officer

With a Master’s in Business Administration, Duncan has operated businesses in Australia and Singapore.

His resource industry knowledge includes numerous senior technical roles as Registered Mine Surveyor at both surface and underground mining operations in the Hunter Valley and Bowen Basin.

Seam Spatial | Matt Burke

Matt Burke

Mining Operations Manager – QLD

As an experienced mining and engineering surveyor of over ten years, Matt has held a number of senior positions – including at Rio Tinto Coal Australia.

Matt is a hands-on problem solver who leads from the front, specialising in surface mining and construction surveying.

Kristi Dennis | Seam Spatial

Kristi Dennis

People Performance and Culture Manager

For more than 15 years, Kristi has been a mentor and human resources expert in the mining industry – developing frameworks and systems that see people thrive.

Kristi ensures that everyone on the SEAM team is empowered to perform to the best of their abilities.


Surveying Services | Seam Spatial

Matt Ewing

RPAS and Aerial Mapping Expert

Matt specialises in unmanned aerial surveying. One of Australia’s most experienced operators, he’s an industry pioneer.

Having worked in almost every mine within the region, Matt has performed thousands of commercial flights to date.

Surveying Services | Seam Spatial

Brian Anderson

Reality Capture Expert and Sydney Office Manager

Brian is a registered surveyor with 25 years of experience, specialising in laser scanning for infrastructure, buildings, defence and mining.

Having completed scanning projects across Australia and overseas, he leads a passionate team of construction surveyors who are experts in reality capture and monitoring for asset management.

Seam Spatial | Jason Spall

Jason Spall

Monitoring and Technology Expert

Jason specialises in geotechnical monitoring systems, data communication solutions and GNSS CORS networks.

With over 20 years in the industry, across resources and infrastructure, Jason knows how to achieve cost-effective solutions.

Seam Spatial | Jason Spall

Mario Fantin

Metals Mining and Gyroscope Expert

Mario is one of the most experienced gyroscope surveyors in Australia, having lead the way on more than 60 projects.

With 40 years of practical experience in surveying, Mario is also part of the Australian Institute of Mine Surveyors.

Seam Spatial | Jason Spall

Ian Breddin

Reality Capture and Scanning

A registered mine surveyor with over 17 years’ of practical experience, Ian has held numerous senior staff positions within the mining, construction and land development sectors.

Passionate about technology, Ian leads our reality capture team using the latest in scanners and RPAS to deliver a complete solution.


Brad Wyatt | SEAM Spatial

Brad Wyatt


Brad is an experienced and qualified underground mine surveyor with over 16 years of experience in the mining industry as both a surveyor and draftsman.

Peter Sergeant | SEAM Spatial

Peter Sergeant

New South Wales (Regional)

Peter is a registered land and mining surveyor in NSW and has been surveying for over 25 years. He’s also a member of the Spatial Information Committee (NSW).

Nigel Neame | SEAM Spatial

Nigel Neame

New Zealand

Nigel has worked as a surveyor for over 16 years. Roles in engineering, civil construction and mining have honed his unmatched problem-solving skills.

John Macpherson | SEAM Spatial

John Challinor

Hunter Valley

John has over 20 years of experience in land, civil construction and mining surveying with an outstanding quality and safety record in challenging environments.

His expertise includes preconstruction modelling, validation, alignment checking, auditing, reporting as-built surveys, volumetric measurements for inventory, cost management and independent site calculation checks.

Seam Spatial | Matt Burke

Mark Adamson

Business Development

Mark has over 25 years of experience in driving business growth within the Australian mining, civil and resources sectors.

He is well-known for establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with clients and has managed projects across Queensland, New South Wales and the Northern Territory.

Kristi Dennis | Seam Spatial

Martin Burns

Land Surveying (NSW)

Martin has been a registered surveyor since 1998. Proficient in both open-cut and underground operations, Martin excels in engineering design and project management.

From handling legal agreements to substantial mining leases that span hundreds of hectares, his strong rapport with regulatory bodies and local councils highlights his skill in project execution.


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