SEAM & Greenbank Battery Energy Storage System

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Renewables are Australia’s future. However, our energy system needs vital modifications to effectively harness it. Large-scale battery energy storage systems (BESS) make our network more secure and stable, supporting the shift to greener power.

Powerlink engaged Exacto Projects to undertake the civil works required to install a grid-scale battery at their Greenbank Substation – which supplies power across Southeast Queensland.

LW Surveying Australia (LWSA) had previously worked with Exacto Projects on the Mica Creek Solar Farm. After LWSA merged with SEAM Spatial, this team was Exacto’s first choice for providing the surveying support needed at Greenbank.


The project required the connection of a 200 MW battery (with 400 MWh storage) to Powerlink’s existing Greenbank Substation.

As a complex energy project, SEAM’s expertise was vital to ensure accuracy in construction planning and execution – as well as compliance with regulations. Alongside Exacto Project’s civil works, SEAM needed to:

Address errors in the site’s coordinate system from previous work carried out by other surveying companies.

Perform precise surveying critical for installing sophisticated structures on a fast-moving project site.

Meet the client’s business obligations – including supporting quality assurance and progress claims.

“The Greenbank project highlights our commitment to sustainability. It underscores our diversification in the renewable energy landscape, as we continue contributing to a greener future. Our success here is a testament to Brendan’s hard work, expertise and the collaborative spirit of our support team.”
– Mick Harris, Managing Director at SEAM Spatial


Brendan and Dave from SEAM were deployed to the Greenbank project for several months, because of their experience in high-accuracy set-outs, design models and detailed reporting.

This meant that they could deliver the essential support needed to enable efficient, safe and reliable construction moving forward. It included:

Providing accurate measurements and data for design and control – to correct existing errors and ensure no misalignment of structures.

Determining the position of all concrete footings and hold-down bolts – for the correct installation of transformers, isolators and battery modules.

Producing as-built surveys and conformance reporting – to match design specifications and comply with regulatory standards.


With SEAM’s primary involvement complete, the project has seen the successful installation of essential equipment – transformers and isolators – at the facility.

The Greenbank BESS will have several benefits for the community when it becomes fully operational in 2025, including:

Capacity to power over 25,000 homes for two hours before needing to recharge.

Reduced electricity costs to consumers in the Gold Coast, Logan and South Brisbane areas.

Lower carbon emissions and more effective use of clean energy to support climate targets.

SEAM continues to provide as-needed support and reporting while surrounding works (such as access roads) continue.


For the accurate surveying required on the energy projects of tomorrow, work with the experts at SEAM Spatial.